Bryton Active connection

30 September 2020

Today’s Plan now has a connection with Bryton Active. This exciting update enables users of Bryton cycling computers to connect to Today’s Plan and automatically upload completed rides to their Today’s Plan account. 

This connection is set up through the Bryton Active mobile app. Simply press to Profile > 3rd party account link > Today’s Plan > turn on auto-sync which will take you through steps to authorize your Today’s Plan account. Only rides completed in the future will sync to Today’s Plan, historical data will not sync.

Bryton connection

This connection was established thanks to co-operation between Today’s Plan and Bryton. If there are any other third parties that you wish to sync with, we encourage you to write to them asking for a sync with Today’s Plan. We are able to work with any other willing third parties to establish a connection.

For a full list of all our third party connections please see our ‘How to setup third party connections’ blog.