Mobile app update – Analysis graph zooming

16 October 2020

The latest update to the Today’s Plan mobile app is now available in the app store on iOS and Android. Our latest update includes a range of new features to our activity graphs, particularly around zooming into your activities to gain greater insights into your data. This has been a highly requested feature which was previously only available on the web version of Today’s Plan, and is the latest in a range of updates that we are rolling out to our mobile apps to continue to enhance the user experience.

To see the analysis graphs, open an activity from your calendar and press the graph icon in the bottom right.

App update October 20

You can then zoom into a graph to see specific parts of an activity. This will update the Avg and Max values and the other graphs will also update to show the same zoomed section automatically. You can reset the zoom at any time by pressing the refresh button in the bottom right.

App update October 20

You can choose which metrics you see graphs for under the options button in the top right. In that menu there are also display options to adjust how the graphs are displayed. You can choose to toggle the x-axis to show elapsed time, elapsed distance or time of day. You can also turn on/off the zone colouring that appears in the power and heart rate graphs.

App update October 20

For a more detailed look at the general features available in the Today’s Plan mobile app, please see our Major App Update blog post. As always, if you need further assistance you can contact our support team at