Zwift Academy dashboards – A basic overview

2 October 2020

Zwift dashboards are back in 2020. These dashboards are a fun and easy way to view your individual Data and compare it to your fellow Zwift Academy participants. You are able to see how you measure up against:

  • The top riders in your age group
  • The average of riders in your age group and all of Zwift Academy 
  • The top riders in the academy overall 

** Please note, these Dashboards are only available through your desktop computer. 

In this blog we will go through each section of the Zwift Academy dashboard separately and discuss what each widget is showing you and how you can use it to see improvements and progress.

** Please note, until you have uploaded some data to Today’s Plan you will only see sample dashboards. If you have completed activities that aren’t showing in Today’s Plan please check your Today’s Plan account is connected to Zwift at

Zwift Academy Road dashboards

If you can’t see the Zwift Academy 2020 dashboards it may be because you have another dashboard selected. If you go to the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the screen you can select it from the list.

Zwift Academy dashboards

Peak Power Curves

Zwift Academy dashboards

The first two widgets in the dashboard show you the peak power that you can hold for a certain amount of time. The difference between the two graphs is the one on the left shows your power in watts and the one on the right is represented in watts per kilo (weight in kilograms).

The numbers on the left hand side of each graph show you the power produced, whereas the numbers across the bottom show you the time you can hold that amount of power for.

Once you have had a look at your numbers (the blue line), you can then look at the orange line on the graph and see where you are sitting compared to others in the Academy.

Zwift Academy dashboards

By using the graph icon on the right hand side of the graph it gives you some more options. Here you can choose the time period to include and if you want the orange line on the graph to represent the best of the Zwift Academy or the average of the Zwift Academy.

Peak Power Table

Zwift Academy dashboards

The peak power table will show you your performance and how you are progressing through each week of the Academy. The squares with the darkest colour represent your best efforts during the week and the date shows when you performed this effort. The number of watts and watts per kilo are the numbers you produced to achieve that result.

Zwift Academy dashboards

You can choose whether you’d like to view this table based on the best or average within the Academy and either Overall or Age using the drop down menu in the top left of the table.

Zwift Academy dashboards

Daily Time Series Graph

Zwift Academy dashboards

This graph shows you the amount of training that you have been doing over the past days, weeks, months or even years. You can click on the bars on the graph using the zoom icons on the right hand side and keep drilling down until you get to a single file. You will also notice that one of the bars in the graph is highlighted as a darker colour, this shows you where you did your highest training, distance or ascent. This chart gives you a good way of visualising your training progress, build and recovery.

Performance Index Ability Graph or PI graph for short!

Zwift Academy dashboards

The PI graph is unique to Today’s Plan and was developed by Dr Daniel Green, Head of Performance Innovation at NTT world tour team . The graph works by looking at the rider’s recent peak powers across a variety of time durations from 3 seconds to 40 minutes. The algorithm then combines this information, along with the rider’s weight to provide the single number that is the Performance Index.

The columns in the graph show your current value for each ability on the current day. The circles represent your best value for each ability, and you can toggle to overlay different time periods to the graph. Remember that PI is a continually updating “snapshot” of your fitness, taking into account recent training, it will not have large changes based on each ride.

Basically, this graph is showing us our strengths and weaknesses according to the data in the system. This information can be useful in race situations, for example if you are strong in peak power then you could look at doing a strong sprint at the end of a race. It can also be useful to target weaker areas, for example if your long endurance is low you could focus on doing some longer endurance rides to improve that.

Recent Activities graph

Recent Activities

This graph lists all of the recent activity files you have uploaded to Today’s Plan. Remember the more data that you have in the system, the more information you will be able to gain from all the above dashboard widgets. Today’s Plan is a multisport platform so you can log all your activities to us. Be sure to log all your outdoor rides as well and this will give you a better overall picture of your performance.

If you want to upload your historical files, here is everything you need to know about uploading your files to Today’s Plan.

Good luck with the Zwift Academy and get in touch with us at if you are experiencing any problems or are in need of help.