Zwift Academy Road and Today’s Plan – Your questions answered

22 October 2020

Is my Today’s Plan account correctly connected with the Zwift Academy?

Your Today’s Plan will have Zwift Academy branding and be in premium when you are correctly enrolled in the Academy. The branding is pink for the women’s and blue for the mens.

** Note, if you have a coach on Today’s Plan you will still see their company branding.

If you don’t think you are correctly enrolled please email us at and we’ll fix that up for you.

Zwift Dashboards 2020

How do I update my weight in Today’s Plan?

If you have a compatible wellness device that records your daily weight you can push that information to Today’s Plan, you can read our wellness connections blog for more information.

To regularly update your weight you can do this in the mobile app by selecting the hamburger menu in the bottom right of the calendar view and then “Record day metrics”. On the web you can access this by selecting the + icon on a given day.

Entering weight

Why is my FTP in Zwift different to my FTP in Today’s Plan?

Your FTP is not automatically brought over from Zwift. If you do a personal best 20 minute threshold power in an activity, you will get an alert notifying you of that which has a button to apply the new threshold. If this doesn’t happen it could mean that you have a default value set in your account that is higher than your true FTP.

To manually update your FTP in Today’s Plan go to the drop down menu under your name in the top right hand corner > Account > Thresholds/Zones.

Why don’t my intervals from my Zwift workout line up in Today’s Plan?

There are a number of reasons why the intervals can be off but they are fixable. Our Single Page Activity Masterclass goes through how you can do that. At 2:41 minutes into the Masterclass it shows you how to add new intervals. 

If you just want a quick look at your average power for the interval, you can click and drag over the interval, our video on Analysing Workout 1 shows you this process. 

Why doesn’t my Performance Index seem to reflect the training I have done?

The Performance Index is not a session by session analysis of how you completed each session, it is a rolling average of your performance which gives you a snapshot of your fitness at any point in time. For that reason, it can have a delayed effect and you should not expect big fluctuations in PI from session to session. Look for differences week to week, and month to month as your training progresses. 

For this reason, is it also very important to have a backlog of historical training data in your account for PI to be calculated accurately. See this article for information on how you can do a historical data upload to your Today’s Plan account.

Performance Index

My historical files were uploaded with the wrong FTP or weight, how do I fix this?

If you have uploaded your historical data with the wrong FTP or weight set in your account you can easy fix this by bulk reprocessing these file with the correct values. Watch our file reprocessing masterclass to find out how.

Workout videos

Each week we analyse the workout of the week using Today’s Plan. This is a great way to learn how to use the tools in Today’s Plan and see how you are tracking in the Academy.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more upcoming workout analysis videos. 

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