Zwift Academy – Uploading your data

7 October 2020

As the Zwift Academy has begun you will find your Today’s Plan account is now in premium which unlocks the full suite of analysis features on Today’s Plan. To make the most of the platform and its features we recommend uploading all of your past training history, this includes not only your Zwift rides but also any other rides you may have completed in or outdoors. See the instructions below for the different methods of importing this data, it is likely easier and faster than you think!

Import from Zwift

To upload the previous history on Zwift there are two options depending on how you use Zwift. If you use Zwift on a laptop or computer where you can access the Zwift folder you can easily upload all your completed Zwift files. If you use Zwift on Apple TV or a mobile device you will need to download the activity files individually as explained in option 2.

Option 1 (bulk upload from computer/laptop)

Once a ride has been completed the file will be saved to your computer. To locate the file click on ‘Finder’ and then ‘Documents’. Locate the ‘Zwift’ folder and then ‘Activities’ within this folder.

Uploading Zwift files

To upload those files simple login to your Today’s Plan account, click the upload button at the top of the site. Then go back to the Activities folder on your computer, select all the files you wish to upload then drag and drop them into the upload section on Today’s Plan.

Option 2 (individual uploads for mobile device/Apple TV)

Firstly, login to your Zwift account at Then go to Activity Feed > Open your desired activity > Click the cog icon above the name > Download Fit File.

This will download the activities as .fit files onto your computer.

Then login to your Today’s Plan account, and click the ‘Upload an activity file’ button which is located in the top right hand side of your page.

Uploading files

From the upload modal that appears, select “Manually upload files” and navigate to the downloads folder on your computer and select your desired .fit files.

Import from Strava

If you use Strava to track your training then doing a bulk download of all the files is the quickest and simplest way. To use Strava, firstly do a bulk download of your files from there.

Once you receive and download that file you need to extract the compressed (zipped) folder that contains all your activity files. You can do this by double clicking the folder or right clicking and selecting “un-zip”. Then login to your Today’s Plan account, click the upload button at the top of the site, select all the files in that folder and upload. 

Uploading files

If you are uploading multiple files (20+) it may take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to upload the files depending on your internet upload speed, so please be patient and leave the upload modal open until all the files have been processed.

Import from TrainingPeaks

For files saved on Training Peaks you can bulk export all of your files so they can be uploaded to Today’s Plan.You can quickly export the original files, all comments and any weight metrics you have entered in Training Peaks. For detailed instructions on that process please login to your Today’s Plan account and paste this URL into your browser:

Import from Garmin, Wahoo or other cycling computer

Today’s Plan sync’s with a number of devices on the market, to see how you can get your historical data and any future data on Today’s Plan check out our extended list of devices and platforms. This includes syncing data for future activities as well. Login to your Today’s Plan account and paste this URL into your browser:

Once you have those files imported there will be a lot more data in your account for you to analyse. Please see the links to our masterclasses and blogs below for a walk-through on how to analyse your data:

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