Mobile app update – NEW Training Plan viewer

20 January 2021

A New Year, and a new range of features from us here at Today’s Plan to get the year started! The new plan’s modal in Today’s Plan is the next step in allowing coaches to better expand their business in their own controlled environment. This is also inline with making the process for adopting structured training easier for all Today’s Plan users.

Our latest update includes a major change for how training plans are managed in the app. A new training plans section now includes the following functionality:

  • Detailed breakdown of training plans when searching
  • List of current plans in your account and option to delete a plan
  • Breakdown of current plan including overview upcoming workouts

Please note: As a coached athlete, you will receive access to all plans your coach has made available to you.

Coaches – Managing your athletes plans

A primary focus of our new training plans section is to allow you as a coach to deliver content, training and education to your athletes all in your own controlled environment. There are a number of ways in which you can do this and we strongly encourage you to reach out to our support team for further information on the options available for delivering your training plans to your athletes.

Training plan search

When searching for a new training plan you can filter by sport type and plan duration in weeks. Press View plan on any plan to open the plan overview screen. This will show you a plan description and weekly breakdown of duration/ TScore / distance as well as a video if applicable. Press Add at the bottom to select your plan start date and add it to your calendar!

Plans now in App

Accessing plan overview

To access the new training plans section, press the menu button in the top left and select Training plans. This will display any training plans you have added to your calendar. From here you can press ‘View plan’ to see the plan details, or press the + button in the bottom right to search for a new training plan.

Plans now in App

Viewing current training plans

If you have a plan in your calendar you will see it listed as per above. Press ‘View plan’ in the top right to see a detailed breakdown of the plan. This includes a description, weekly duration, TScore and distance as well as a list of upcoming workouts. If you wish to delete a plan, press the delete icon in the top right.

Plans now in App

If you have any questions on this app update, please contact our support team at