The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) partners with Today’s Plan

The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) will be supported by Today’s Plan as a training and data analysis platform for the next year from January 11, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

JCF andToday's Plan

Today’s Plan is a platform and data analysis tool that is favored by cyclists and coaches around the world and enables remote training.

With this supplier contract with Today’s Plan, track and field athletes and HPCJC (High Performance Center of Japan Cycling) will have access to world-leading data analysis tools to maximize their potential.

“We are excited to be partnering with JCF and helping their athletes hit their performance goals. This will be an ever evolving partnership that we look forward to making the most of with athletes and staff in JCF”.

From Today’s plan representative Benji Marshall

By using Today’s Plan, we would like to make the most of the following four main advantages.

  • Structured training, purpose-specific training content and their analysis data are aggregated and can be accessed remotely by all. This allows coaches to provide and manage athletes with effective and efficient training.
  • By providing coaches with tools to efficiently manage each player, coaches can make decisions and decisions based on the player’s daily information.
    (For example, the training plan is distributed to each athlete within the platform, and not only the coach communicates the training precautions to the athlete, but also the condition (fatigue, physical pain, motivation, etc.) in addition to the comments after the training. Since athletes can record with subjective indicators, coaches can efficiently make various decisions and decisions based on information about athletes.)
  • Both athletes and coaches can take full advantage of common training tools such as power meters, heart rate monitors and other sensor technologies that are essential for bike training.
  • It provides a mechanism to leverage new sensor technologies, that is, to capture new data streams and present them in a meaningful analytical way.
    (For example, you can capture the athlete’s wellness data and correlate it with performance data.)

JCF and HPCJC will continue to strengthen the national team of track events from various angles in anticipation of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics as well as the 2024 Olympics in Paris.