System update – April 2021

14 April 2021


Text editor

The text editor of the website has been updated site wide. This is used in many parts of the site including when writing a direct message, writing a workout description and adding a calendar note. The updated text editor has improved stability and added a number of new features to help in the delivery of content and information to athletes and friends.

There are the standard text editing options available as per the previous text editor (bolt, italic, copy, paste, etc). The following are new options, or have been updated to include more flexibility:

  • Add bullet points
  • Adjust indent of bullet points
  • Add or remove links (including links to send an email- explained below)
  • Add photos
  • Add horizontal lines
  • Enter full screen text editor

Text editor

There is more flexibility when adding images and links in the new text editor. One example of this is adding a link to a pre-written email (including recipient, subject and body). This can be used to automate processes for the athlete like RSVPing to group workouts, or sending a request to a coach to schedule a call.

In the example below, we have added a link to RSVP to a group workout. When the link is pressed in the app by the athlete, it automatically loads the email client on the phone with the email pre-filled, all the athlete needs to do is press send!

Text editor

Athlete picker limits

To support growth of the platform with bigger coaching groups, we have placed limits to the number of athletes selectable in various sections of the site. These include a 30 athlete limit selectable at the same time on the Calendar, Dashboard and Athlete management tabs. This ensures consistent performance of the site and improved management of large groups of athletes.

Athlete Picker

Mobile App

Video in plan preview

Training plan videos will now be visible to users at all times when following a plan. Previously, users would only see the plan video when first selecting a plan, that video would not appear once the plan was added. The videos will now be accessible in the Training Plans section of the mobile app at all times throughout the duration of a training plan.

View Plan

Time in w/kg bands

Users can now see a breakdown of time in w/kg bands for cycling and running (if using a power meter). This adds to our extensive time in zones breakdown in the mobile app, including power, heart rate, pace, cadence and w/kg (sport type and sensor dependant).


Time in zone displays now include raw time and % of total time

In a further improvement to the time in zones display in the mobile app, each time in zone display now shows the time in each zone as well as the % of total time for each zone. This brings the time in zones displayed in the app closer to our detailed display on the website.


Small fixes:

  • Updated styling of ratings slider in session ratings
  • Improved Bugsnag logging for consistent bug fixing