Easy onboarding

29 October 2021

As a coach, you want the onboarding of your athletes to be a seamless process. No one wants their athlete frustrated and ready to give up before they have even started. Using a direct link, your clients are onboarded to your coaching business, have your branding and their training in their calendar within minutes, giving you more time to do what you do best; coach!

Easy onboarding

A simple access request

As a coach you can send an access request from your account directly to your athlete, providing them with a direct link that will have their account created, linked with your coaching account and be ready to train within minutes. This link can be followed on both the web and mobile apps and steps the athlete through a quick and simple onboarding process.

Access request

Connections in the mobile app

With more than 80% of the world on smartphones it is important that the whole onboarding process can be available through the mobile app. Recently we have added connections to our mobile app giving Today’s Plan users the option to complete their onboarding journey without having to access a desk top computer.

Connections in the app

Personalised experience

As a coach your brand is important, and the technology platform you use to coach your athletes should be no different. Today’s Plan acts as a white label platform, and allows you to place your brand throughout the platform on web and mobile for your athletes to interact with. You can also personalise the automated emails sent out by Today’s Plan so your athletes are receiving the information you want and when you want it.

Coach branding

Content feed

Now more than ever, athletes are being battered with advertising and media. As their coach, your athletes look to you for guidance and motivation. The newly launched Today’s Plan content feed allows you to distribute your knowledge and motivation to your athletes in a controlled environment for them to view in the mobile app.

Welcome message in content feed

API integration

Want to streamline the process even more? Connect your own website to Today’s Plan using our API. You can get started immediately with our comprehensive documentation, including ready-use recipes. 

API integration

Want some help?

Here at Today’s Plan we pride ourselves on our support. If you would like help with getting the most out of these features don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at support@todaysplan.com.au.