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3 December 2021

Your business, your training plans, your revenue

We have reshaped the way in which training plans can be sold to your athletes, not only delivering a better experience for each user, but allowing you to retain 100% of the revenue. Training plan sales are not new; yet the way in which we allow coaches to deliver them is!

Building training plans

Building plans for your athletes is simple in Today’s Plan:

  • Training plans can be made to start on any date, or for event specific plans you can select a fixed start date, meaning the plan always ends on the event day to remove the need for athletes to make adjustments.
  • Add a range of media (videos, images, etc) to appear regularly throughout your plans to keep your athletes engaged week to week. your plans such as instructional or motivational videos.
  • Creating plans is quick and simple using the drag and drop method.
  • Save time by repeating workouts throughout a plan or add workout overloads.
  • Copy, move or remove entire weeks of workouts at the click of a button.
  • Clone an entire plan and make simple adjustments.
  • Host a direct link to your plans on your website, or distribute them manually.
Plan builder

Create your own plan library

You can store all of your plans in your very own plan library. This allows you to protect your IP with the ability to control the distribution of your plans and who has access to them. Plus you get to keep 100% of the revenue from any sales of your training plans.

Distributing training plans

In Today’s Plan there are three ways you can distribute your training plans:

Large-scale plan sales

Share a link with your athletes which will automatically add the plan to their calendar. You can also put this link behind a paywall, allowing you to sell individual training plans.

Athlete driven plans

Share your training plan library with your athletes, allowing them to pick and choose what suits them.

Tailored training plans

Drag and drop onto your athletes calendar or add to multiple athletes at once.

Search plans

Dynamic plans

The dynamic plan tool allows you to deliver regularly updated training to your athletes simultaneously. You can make changes to the plan and have that reflected on all of your athletes accounts at once. This plan can be used as a base plan, groups targeting specific events, or use it to distribute bulk training blocks to larger groups of athletes.

Benefits of dynamic plans:

  • The plan will automatically adapt to each individual’s personal training circumstances or schedule. For example, no training will be applied on a day if the individual has added a rest day, event or workout to their calendar.
  • You select how far in advance your athletes have access to workouts.
  • You have the flexibility to adjust the plan when circumstances change.
  • If the athlete adds another plan from the library, the dynamic plan will detect this and stop syncing automatically.

Using the APIs

The Today’s Plan API’s allow you to develop the complete, integrated solution for scaling your business. Athletes can select and pay for their plan on your website and the plan will be automatically injected into their Today’s Plan calendar.

If you work with a developer already, they can gain access to all of our API documentation; or you can contact to learn more about the coach onboarding packages that we offer.

Please contact our support team for further information and assistance in getting set up as a coach in Today’s Plan.