Fuelin – Nutrition integration for Today’s Plan

We are excited to announce a new integration between Today’s Plan and FuelIn that will create an integrated nutrition and training program that can be utilised by coaches and athletes of any level. FuelIn is a recently launched nutrition app, targeted at endurance athletes of all levels and abilities, and integrates with your existing training plan on Today’s Plan to help provide you with a custom nutrition plan and meal options. FuelIn is designed to be used by both athletes and coaches, and ensures as your training plan and goals change, so too does your nutrition.

How does it work?

  • Daily targets are outlined for you based on your goal, training plan and individual attributes in Today’s Plan.
  • Receive personalised guidance on in-session fuelling for training sessions and based on the session type, duration, and intensity.
  • Health and wellness questions help guide your nutrition plan and how you are responding to your training.

FuelIn CEO – Jonathan Lee

‘Our athletes have told us that what makes us unique is our ability to remove the guesswork for them and recommend nutrition and fuelling based on their training schedule, personal details, and goals. We are incredibly proud of the performance and health improvement results that our athletes have achieved from being on the FuelIn program.’


If you wish to get started with your integrated nutrition training plan, you can connect your Today’s Plan account with FuelIn now.


As a coach if you are looking to work with FuelIn to add an additional service for your athletes you can contact us at support@todaysplan.com.au.