Meet our support team: Cameron Good

22 April 2022

Cameron Good
Cameron Good

Cam is the business development manager for Europe, and is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Cam was a member of Triathlon Australia’s high performance program for a number of years, training as an athlete at the Australian Institute of Sport. While competing he also completed his bachelor of Sport Coaching and Exercise Science and has been a member of the Today’s Plan team since 2018.

Cam made the move from Sydney, Australia to Switzerland in 2020 to lead our European office and is an important team member at Today’s Plan, including the work he does with assisting coaches and making sure they can get the most out of our platform for their business.

Cameron Good. Photo credit: @iconphoto


  1. What has been your most memorable country to visit?

    My first trip to France was definitely one of my most memorable moments. Not because it was France, but more so the situation I found myself in when I first arrived for my first race.
    It was my first year racing overseas and I had organised a French team to race with for the season. After travelling for 30+ hours my team picked me up from the airport and we were heading to the first race of the year. I had no idea where we were going, but after another 5 hours of travel crammed in a car with 4 other athletes, we finally arrived at the place- all I wanted to do was sleep as it had been almost 2 days of very little to no sleep. We made our way through the city where the race was being held, past some very nice restaurants and hotels to a field next to a lake- I assumed they were showing me the location of the race. It wasn’t until everyone started unpacking the car and started putting up tents that I realised we were not staying in the nice hotels we passed and that we were camping- not the glamour lifestyle I was expecting when first signing up with my French team. I also soon found out we were required to bring our own tent and sleeping arrangements, something they had informed me via an email. The emails were always written in French so most of the time I did not read them. This left me having to share a very small tent with a teammate, sleeping on the floor with one of the blankets we had used to protect the bikes from getting damaged in the car and using a towel as my pillow- not my normal pre race.
    On the plus side, the first race for the team went well!
  1. How has the move to Switzerland been?

    I had spent a lot of time here over the years, so the transition was relatively smooth. With that said, I had always been here during the summer, so it was a bit of a shock to the system once winter rolled around. It has been 2 years now and it feels like home. I still don’t speak the language and I am still not used to the winter, but we are very happy here.
  1. What were some of your favourite moments from your triathlon career?

    Being given the opportunity to race a few world championships were some of my most memorable moments. Outside of racing, the countries I was able to visit, places I was able to race and the friendships made were definitely the things I will remember and hold onto.