Meet our support team: Gracie Elvin

7 April 2022

Gracie Elvin
Gracie Elvin

Gracie Elvin is the newest addition to our team and has recently retired from the Women’s World Tour. Gracie made her road racing debut in Europe in 2012 after competing on the mountain bike at multiple world cups. Her results on the bike include;

  • 2 x Australian national road racing champion  
  • 2 x winner Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik 
  • 2nd Ronde van Vlaanderen 
  • 2 x MTB World Championships participation 
  • 8 x Road World Championships participation
  • 2 x Commonwealth Games participation
  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games

While racing professionally Gracie also completed her Bachelors degree in Science, and if that wasn’t enough she has been a tireless campaigner for improving women’s cycling globally. One initiative that she was involved in was the establishment of The Cyclists’ Alliance which is run by former and current professional cyclists, and aims to provide holistic support to female cyclists during and after their careers. 

Gracie Elvin

Q & A

  1. What is one thing that people may not know about you?

Before I was into cycling I was very much into horses. I was extremely lucky to have my own horse that was agisted in public paddocks only a few kilometres from home, so I would ride my bike there almost every day and spend hours riding and caring for him. I had to sell the horse when I was 18 because I was getting more serious about cycling which was very difficult, but I hope to get back into horse riding more now that I’m retired!

  1. How have you found the transition from professional athlete to working?

It was a significant transition for me, because I had been a full time athlete for most of my adult life. For the last 10 years all I had to do was train and race, and balance part time study. Having a job with fixed hours is strange for me, but I am happy to continue to work in sport and use my extensive knowledge and experience in different ways now. I definitely miss some elements of being a professional athlete, but I am grateful I got to finish on my own terms and still be able to be a fit and active person in my spare time. It really helps to be in a work environment with people who share the same passion and values as I do in regard to sport, life balance, and keeping fit!

  1. What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

In the past this question would mean what I would do away from my bike, but now it means more bike riding away from work! Now that I’m not training for road racing, I prefer to ride my mountain bike. A couple of hours on my local trails is always fun to me, especially with friends and a cafe stop afterwards. I also love to go on new adventures such as camping, hiking and skiing! In the afternoon I’m happy when I can chill out at home and watch tv or read a book, or lately doing some home improvements or gardening. Another great thing about retirement from racing is more time to settle and create a nice home for myself and my partner.