World Cup Wins in Albstadt & Nove Mesto

20 May 2022

By Bec McConnell

Bec McConnell win
Photo credit: @frabanphoto

I never thought I’d get an opportunity to top my last update, let alone so soon!

I’ve just returned to Spain after rounds 2 & 3 of the 2022 World Cup and it turns out Brazil was no fluke!  It has been just the most amazing two weeks of my life.

We turned up to Round 2 in Albstadt, Germany with the full PMG team ready to just live in the moment and enjoy all the small details that come with being the World Cup leader and #1 in the World Ranking.  We prepared like normal as always and just had a lot of fun.

On Friday I did something crazy, I won the Short Track.  At the moment it doesn’t sound like SUCH a big deal, but for a small girl who doesn’t usually sprint that well, it came as a huge surprise to all of us.  Winning with #1.  That felt big.

Then Sunday came around.  My confidence was up after the Short track and the goal of the day was to go out and enjoy the rewards of Brazil.  Racing in the World Cup leaders jersey.  Absolutely no pressure on the result.  Of course the preparation and focus was still there but I felt calm, happy and relaxed.  From the start I felt great and raced with nothing to lose, taking my second XCO World Cup win and what they are calling the ‘Perfect Weekend’.  Only 5 women in history to pull this off.  And I’m one of them.

Bec McConnell
Photo credit: @frabanphoto
Rebecca McConnell is ready to fire, leader's jersey and all.
Rebecca McConnell is ready to fire, leader’s jersey and all.

Then you really, REALLY think things can’t any better.  Well, they still can!

Round 3. One of the most iconic MTB races in the World Cup, Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic…  I have such a strong connection to this place.  My first World Cup podium after illness came here, and it was the first reward for the team after continuing to support me when most would have given up on me.

Every year since 2019 I have been on the podium here.  There is something about Nove Mesto that brings out the best in me.

It was another busy week like Albstadt.  Being the rider of the moment is new to me and comes with a few extra commitments but we just kept it fun and didn’t bother to worry about whether or not it would impact my performance over the weekend.  I just won another World Cup and nothing was stopping us from enjoying that!!!

Friday was here in a flash and back to Short Track racing.  Pressure was on.  Not exactly.  Goal.  Fight for Top 8.  Lets get this leaders jersey on the front row again.
I finished 2nd in a sprint finish (again!) and couldn’t be happier.  To my complete surprise I picked up the leaders jersey for Short Track too.

XCO again on Sunday.
This one was a challenge to approach.  I knew from Albstadt and Friday’s short track that I was probably the strongest.  And it’s the first time I’ve started a World Cup as the clear favorite.  A good pre race chat had my head clear.  A hard but achievable goal was needed, no pressure on winning but something to work for that would motivate me and I could be happy with.  A podium.  Lets fight for a podium and continue with the positive energy of just genuinely living in the moment and enjoying every second.

The race was crazy, I felt strong and lead from the start loop to the finish.  The gap was always between 15-20 seconds to second and third.  Never comfortable enough to relax but never totally under pressure.  On the last lap I had just a little bit left for one last push to the finish and opened the gap to 40 seconds and WOW, a third World Cup Win!

Bec McConnell bike
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Bec McConnell podium
Photo credit: @frabanphoto

I cannot put into words exactly what this means to me I but I am absolutely taking nothing for granted. World #1….  World Cup Wins… World Cup Series Leader.

There have been a lot of changes this year that have contributed to these amazing results but ultimately I think it comes down to the consistency in my approach to training and racing over my career, but especially in the last few years.

I must thank my team and those closest to me.  I have been absolutely depending on this support and sharing these moments is the most incredible feeling.

And of course, THANK YOU to you for the ongoing support and your contribution to making this magical dream possible.  The rest of the season is still ahead and the work will continue.  But for now we are not thinking about it!

With love and big smile!

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