Bec McConnell – Year in review

14 November 2022

The racing has finished for 2022 and it’s been the most special and unique year of my life.

Rewarding my team, and all of our partners with three World Cup win’s is something that will forever be special. But what means even more to me, was the details and affection that continued all season long despite the problems and challenges that followed the rest of the season.

Of course the season was no disaster by any stretch of the imagination. But as my boss says, we took the dessert before the lunch.

At the end of 2021 we sat down and talked about the approach for this season. I had a huge amount of changes including a new coach and we made a decision to let go of the consistency I’ve had over the last couple of years and just go for it. Try to win ONE World Cup. That was the dream. We achieved it and so much more. From the First World Cup until the last I was uninterruptedly #1 in the World Ranking, held the World Cup leader jersey until the penultimate round and despite so much bad luck we still finished both the Short Track and Cross Country World Cup overall in 2nd.

I have never loved racing my bike more than this year and a huge thanks for that must go to the people and especially my staff surrounding me and always giving their very best with a smile. Together as a team we have never been stronger or happier. 2008 I raced my first World Championships and 14 years later my passion for racing and the sport has never stronger. Of course I’m completely exhausted now after a long season but I can rest up with a smile on my face. We did so many things right this season and enjoyed every moment, but made plenty of mistakes too which allows room for improvement and more excitement for the season to come.

Racing with the #1 plate this season has been an honor and a privilege that I will always remember.

Now I am at home in Australia again and making up for all of the missed time with Lenny.