The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) continues long term partnership with Today’s Plan

Following a successful two year partnership, Today’s Plan and the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) are thrilled to announce an extension of the current agreement which will see the team through to the 2024 Olympics and beyond.

The partnership with Today’s Plan will give JCF access to world leading tools and analytics to help their athletes and staff achieve their maximum potential and achieve the goals they  have set.

“We are excited to be partnering with JCF and helping their athletes hit their performance goals. This will be an ever evolving partnership that we look forward to making the most of with athletes and staff in JCF”. Benji Marshall, Today’s Plan   

Over the past two years JCF has used Today’s Plan to:

  • To deliver structured training that can be accessed by all athletes and staff remotely. This allows coaches to promote training effectively and efficiently to athletes.
  • Provide specific tools in coaching so that decisions based on the athlete’s daily information can be made, including subjective ratings and wellness data.
  • Utilize connections to a wide range of training tools such as power meters, heart rate monitors and other sensor technologies that are essential for training.
  • Using new sensor technology they can capture athlete wellness data and correlate this with performance data.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, JCF and HPCJC will continue to make efforts from various angles to further strengthen the Track National Team. Today’s Plan looks forward to partnering with JCF to achieve these goals.