Interactive graphs for activities!

14 March 2023

We are excited to announce some NEW interactive graphs for athletes to gain even greater insights into their completed activities. These new features allow for a more dynamic analysis of completed activities that can be configured based on the information important to you. Some of the key features include;

  • Reactive summary data for zoomed sections
  • Map highlights that adjust to user panning
  • Adjustable channels

If there is a specific section of the workout you would like more detail on you can zoom in on any of the field graphs to analyse it further. By zooming in you will be able to see the time and distance of the section you have created and also the point on the map will be highlighted. As you pan across the graph the highlighted section on the map will adjust. If you tap a single point on the graph an arrow will appear on the map at this same point.

Interactive graphs

There are a wide range of fields you can choose from allowing you to customise your graphs to the main metrics you like to track. Importantly, as new channels become available in files you will be able to select these and have them show up. One example is blood glucose levels. This allows you to make direct comparisons between specific metrics at key points of your workout.

If you are after even more detailed analysis we recommend using the web version of the platform where we have more tools available to dive even deeper into your training.