Today’s Plan chosen by elite speed skating team to gain an edge in their training and racing analysis

Today’s Plan is excited to announce a partnership with Team Sprog for the 2023 season. Today’s Plan offers a versatile training platform that will give Team Sprog’s coaches and athletes access to a suite of analytics that will provide them with valuable training insights throughout their season.

Team Sprog

“Today’s Plan is thrilled to have Team Sprog on board. Through Team Sprog we can showcase the diversity of the Today’s Plan platform by meeting the requirements of Team Sprog’s speed skating training and racing” Benji Marshall, Product Manager at Today’s Plan.

Team Sprog needed a platform that could accommodate the specific requirements of speed skating. The Today’s Plan platform provides all the metrics Team Sprog requires, including the tools and analytics needed to display these in a clear effective way. Today’s Plan has both a cloud based web platform and partner Apps in both iOS and Android, which adds a new aspect of interaction between coach and athlete.

“Todays Plan is an enrichment for our team, both for the athlete and for the coach. When you test an athlete, it is also nice for both athlete and coach to see that certain training sessions have an effect on getting better. You can monitor very well with Today’s Plan. This is a great added value for our team, where development is an important core value” Ard Alderts, Team Sprog.

About Today’s Plan

Today’s Plan is a leading software technology business that produces online training tools for endurance athletes and coaches across web, mobile and wearable platforms. Today’s Plan also works with several global sporting brands to create unique white label digital solutions for their businesses across web, mobile and device specific platforms.

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About Team Sprog

Since this season, Team Sprog is the new skating team that participates in the national top division marathon skating competition. With great enthusiasm and drive we want to give ourselves a face. A face that is visible on the ice and beyond. We have ambition. We want to grow. With the team and our business club.

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