Reaping the benefits of structured training

13 June 2023

The James Wilkinson story part 2

On the 8th July, in just over 4 weeks, James Wilkinson will take on the Dolomiti Super Bike and his training is on course and going to plan. Over the past few weeks he has concentrated on building his endurance base and we have started to introduce some intensity. The training sessions have been highly effective and James is feeling so much stronger and fitter. James is also starting to enjoy getting out the saddle and climbing up the hills, even the steep ones, much to his surprise! Although the English countryside isn’t anywhere close to the gradients of climbing he’ll face in the Dolomites, it does give him the opportunity to build muscular strength and some much needed confidence. James’ training program also includes weekly social rides with friends in his local forest, which is great for his mental and physical well being, especially seeing his friends now struggling to keep up with him!  

In addition to the tailored training plan given by Sally, and to give his competitive side a run for its money, James has entered some sportive events with his father, who is also a keen cyclist. The first was 60 miles which he completed in 3 hours 42 minutes and the second was a 100 miles which took 6 hours and 28 minutes. With this in mind, James feels very happy with his progress and, although nervous, he’s starting to feel more confident that he will be will be ready to tackle the 3400m of vertical ascent over 123km in the Italian Dolomites on the 8th July. 

Balancing his work, family and training life isn’t always easy and after a stressful day at work, the last thing he wants to do is a couple of hours in the saddle. Knowing the race is only a matter of weeks away, however, is giving him the motivation and drive needed to keep going. Fortunately, his family have all been very supportive and understand the dedication it is taking to get him up the mountain in this ‘once in a lifetime’ race. They’re all beyond excited and are flying out to Italy with him to give that much needed moral support and of course, that excuse for a holiday.