NEW! Progress Dashboard in App

18 July 2023

The Progress Dashboard is designed to give you a high level overview of how you are progressing towards your upcoming goal. The information here will provide you with a snapshot on how your training is going in relation to your main goal. Below are the key features of the Progress Dashboard.

Progress Dashboard Tutorial

Event countdown

The countdown timer will make sure you always know how long you have until your next event. It is a simple tool that can be used to plan appropriate training phases, but also, seeing the seconds tick by may add an extra bit of motivation during those tough workouts. 

Any event(s) you have in the calendar will automatically be picked up and the countdown timer will be displayed for the next upcoming event. 

If you have not already added your event, you can add the event by selecting ‘Add event countdown’ and following the prompts.

Event Countdown


This section of the Progress Dashboard is a summary of all the achievements you have collected during the week. The panel will flash blue to highlight when a new achievement has been made and will display all your gold, silver and bronze achievements.


Scheduled vs Completed graph

The scheduled vs completed chart gives you a visual representation of your current training week. You can display the week’s training activities and upcoming workouts in either duration or distance, and simply click on a day for the detailed view of your activities and upcoming workouts.

Scheduled vs Completed graph


If you are capturing wellness data it will be displayed on the Progress Dashboard.

The wellness metrics are;

  • HRV
  • Resting heart rate
  • Total sleep time
  • Sleep efficiency

These are shown for the current day and also the weekly average to help give you more context to your training week. 

If you are capturing the wellness data and have not yet set up your compatible device or third party platform, you can do this through the progress page by selecting ‘Add wellness connection’ and following the prompts.



The Progress Dashboard displays your current training plan and any other training plan you have in your calendar. It is also equipped with a progress bar to highlight how far along you are in your current plan. You can even click through to the plan to see specific details of what is coming up.

Training Plans