Chequamegon MTB Festival

19 September 2023

Brendan “Trekky” Johnson takes on Round 5 of the Life Time Grand Prix

The 62km (40 mile) MTB race was raced on rolling grassy parcour with over 1400 m (4700 feet) of elevation gain.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with Chequamegan, I had no idea this event was so famous in this part of the US. I was gobsmacked to see so many people up for the challenge. This makes for a lot of hype for the Pro race. I felt great out there on the super fast grassy track and enjoyed fighting in the first five or so positions all day. I had a little drama coming into the 15 up sprint (which was insane) but just genuinely pleased to be in the front and finish with 11th place.”

Brendan Johnson

Summary stats for the race:

  • Distance: 62km (40 miles)
  • Time: 2h:04m
  • Ascent: 1442m (4730 feet)
  • Energy: 2208kj
  • Ave power: 296w
  • Adjusted power: 341w
  • Max power: 1034w

Brendan will now race the penultimate round of the Life Time Grand Prix, The Rad Dirt Fest in two weeks on 30 September 2023. 

Photos from Joshua Strong