New Features for Coaches

11 October 2023

Improving your efficiency

We’ve made some improvements to the management and creation of plans to make it easier for you to offer more options to your athletes.

  • New template workout type – Event or Race
  • New template workout sport- Multisport
  • New cloning option – change plan type and start date

When creating a new template workout, you can now create an ‘Event or Race’ type workout. This means in your library you can have a regular workout for a Parkrun, or a weekly Criterium race series or similar, and as these are tagged as an Event, they’ll then be filterable in the Dashboard.

‘Event or Race’ type workouts will also show in the Seasonal Planner Chart and on the event countdown widget on the Progress Tab in the app.

These template workouts can be created either in your library or from within the plan creation modal (eg. if you need to create an Event that your plan is targeting).

‘Event or Race’ type workouts can only be created as unstructured workouts, however we’ve also included the sport type ‘Multisport’ so you can create an Event for a triathlon or similar.

We have also updated the Plan Cloning option to give you the ability to re-use a fixed start date plan, so for example, you can re-use a plan that you’ve created for an annual sporting event. Now, when cloning a plan you can change between a relative or fixed start date, and set the start date if relevant. Other meta data for your cloned plan can also be edited as part of the cloning option, rather than afterwards.