API & Integration

We know that in the modern world of ‘apps’ and integrated systems that no one system can provide everything a user could want.

It’s critical that data can be easily interchanged between systems.

To this end, the entire Today’s Plan system has been built upon an extensible, REST based API platform.

Every feature and function available via the web site is accessible through simple web based GET and POST commands.

Most data exchange is done using JSON serialisation.

From uploading and download data files, to obtaining your recent and upcoming rides, editing your structured workouts or creating full training plans – there is a simple to use rest call available.

We have an API document online at http://api.todaysplan.com.au. It’s a work in progress and has a small subset of our available commands. But we will be regularly adding more to it. We also have a Java project with a bunch of sample code we can give you access to.

Just drop us an email to support@todaysplan.com.au and tell us a bit about what integration you would like to do, and we will work with you to get you up and running.