Performance Index – how is it calculated and how can I use it?

21 October 2020

The Performance Index (PI) is a tool for those who have access to a power meter which simplifies the way in which individuals can analyse their performance. It does this by breaking the rider’s cycling results over time into eight key performance areas, factoring in the rider’s weight to calculate a score. The scores in each of these areas are then combined […]

Training Load monitoring for triathletes

17 August 2018

Training load monitoring for triathletes is somewhat of an art form with the difficult task of managing athlete fatigue across multiple sports while trying to ensure adequate load is applied to result in performance gains. In this blog we’re going to break down the different components of load tracking and how you can apply this […]

The load, balance and performance of athlete development

18 July 2018

One of the most common questions we receive at Today’s Plan is “am I on track to achieve my goal?”. Using your activity data to quickly and easily understand this allows an athlete to track their progress and ensure they’re heading in the right direction with their training. In this article we’re going to explore […]

System update – June 2018

7 June 2018

Please see below the release notes for our latest update. For All Users Drag-and-drop function for re-ordering intervals in the workout builder. This allows you to click and drag an interval from one location to another without having to click the up/down arrows consistently. Clone intervals in the workout builder. If you’ve created an interval […]

Check your progress in 5 minutes

23 May 2018

The Today’s Plan dashboards form the basis of your overall analysis and assessment of how you are progressing with your chosen sport/s. There are options to suit those that are after a simple, clear, and concise view of their data right through to those wanting further in-depth detail and multiple configuration options. In this particular […]

Load tracking: How objective and subjective data can provide better insights

9 May 2018

Just how far can you push yourself before you fatigue and your training becomes ineffective and detrimental? This is a very broad question, and often hard to determine the exact answer but with our recent update we have delivered you multiple tools to track your training load, both subjectively and objectively, with the aim of […]

Integration with HRV4Training

21 December 2017

HRV4Training is used to measure your Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability reliably, without requiring any sensors. It is an app that can be downloaded and used to detect changes in blood volume during a cardiac cycle, by illuminating the skin and measuring changes in light absorption using the camera on your phone. As many HRV4Training users […]

Analysing a workout ride file

17 October 2017

When analysing a ride file it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the numbers, graphs or metrics and struggle to learn any actionable information from it. This article aims to empower you to analyse your ride files in a systematic and quick way that allows you to harness the power of your training data. The […]

Invitation to beta test single page activity

28 September 2017

We have just launched new beta functionality within the site that is the first step into an overhaul of how you’re able to view your activity data. This functionality is being constantly updated and we’re inviting you to take advantage of it now and provide us with any feedback. Below is a quick overview of […]

System update – September 2017

7 September 2017

The team here at Today’s Plan are very excited about this update with some fantastic new dashboard tools to help you gather actionable information from your ride data. See below for a snippet of what’s now available and stay tuned for a master class video on how you can get the most out of them! […]