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Option 1:

Bring your own app

Develop your own mobile or web application, and leverage the power and features of the extensive Today’s Plan “big data” engine.

Catapult your application into delivering a feature rich tool kit of training, analytics, device & component management.

Start developing against our extensive API today.


  • Today’s Plan provides you with a dedicated cluster used solely by you
  • Clean database, you own the data and the users
  • Advanced activity file processing – including fit, srm, gpx, tcx etc
  • Advanced ride / run / swim file analysis
  • Route creation, importing and management – including sync from Strava
  • Workout libraries – with export to Garmin, Zwift & other platforms
  • Data broker – push activity files to TrainingPeaks, Strava & other platforms
  • Sleep & wellness integration; Fitbit, Under Armour, Garmin Wellness
  • Flexible permissions and delegate access model
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Component tracking and management
  • Advanced sensor / device tracking and management
  • Extensive public facing APIs with OAuth
  • GDPR compliant
  • Geographic load balancing
  • Fully managed cloud / server environment
  • Bespoke concepts for your specific requirements


  • Low level communications expertise such as ble and Ant+
  • Custom data engine and API development
  • Contract mobile and web app development

Option 2:

Custom ecosystem


  • Today’s Plan provides a fully skinned web or mobile app over your existing commercial systems
  • Your provide a curated experience of our current platform for use by your clients
  • Your custom domain name
  • Leverage our extensive feature set, and workout library


  • Tier 1 or Tier 2 technical support
  • Custom data engine and API development
  • Contract mobile and web app development

Option 3:

Bespoke development

Expose your unique features or requirements through our existing web or app platforms.

Powered by Today’s Plan

Team Ineos

Today’s Plan has worked closely with Team Ineos to build an advanced analytics and training system to be used by sport directors, team doctors, nutritionists, coaches and riders.

The platform supports not just on-bike and on-body sensor data, but also integrates in external data such as weather, nutrition and wellness data from a range of fitness systems – allowing extensive data correlation for enhanced decision making.

“Today’s Plan understand that every rider is different and each race and each training session is carefully planned with a specific goal in mind. This is why need to have a robust training data platform, both in terms of planning and analysis.

“Of course, this is sport, and so we also need a platform which is adaptable and a partner who can adapt to our changing needs. That is what Today’s Plan provide for Team Ineos.”

Tim Kerrison, Head of Performance Support.

Stages Link

The partnership has seen the creation of a Stages Cycling training and data analysis platform. This new online system allows Stages Cycling to create specific training programs, tailor data analysis and leverage educational content from Stages’ specialists.

Stages Link will also help users quickly set up their Stages Dash cycling computer and keep tabs on their Stages Power meter, all while being open and compatible with 3rd party devices. This bespoke system allows users to manage all of their cycling needs and devices all in one specialised environment.

“Stages Link is a hub of cloud-based coaching, education, training analysis and equipment management tools, which were developed collaboratively with the analytics experts at Today’s Plan. The system is backed by the industry’s most advanced analysis capabilities currently being used in the professional peloton. Stages Link custom tailors training plans and daily workouts to benefit rider performance and enable performance goals, whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons.”

Pat Warner, Stages Cycling.

Train Like Trek-Segafredo

Train Like Trek-Segafredo was a unique training environment that allowed riders of all levels to use the same bespoke training system used by a pro cycling team.

Users were able to use the Trek-Segafredo environment complete with training plans, structured workouts and performance tracking dashboards. This was all supported with videos from riders, coaches & DS’s giving each rider essential workout information and invaluable tips and tricks from a pro cycling team.

“The way in which we have set up the Trek-Segafredo dashboard, you can easily analyse your work and performance.”

Josu Larrazabal – Head of Performance, Trek-Segafredo.

Zwift Academy

Zwift has partnered with Today’s Plan to provide a bespoke platform for their Zwift Academy that offers women cyclists from around the world a chance to win a pro contract with CANYON//SRAM Racing. In 2017, this program has expanded to include a Mens Academy where a cyclist can win an U23 pro contract on Team Dimension Data’s Continental squad.

Today’s Plan has provided a unique environment where the client is able to compare and analyse data from over 3,000 participants using a range of specified metrics.