Using heart rate variability in your training

9 January 2018

As discussed in our previous blog on HRV4Training, Today’s Plan is now integrated with HRV4Training’s app which allows users push their physiological data to Today’s Plan. Below Dr Marco Altini discusses how physiological data can be helpful in making adjustments and striking the right balance between lifestyle, training and recovery, eventually leading to better performance. HRV4Training The…

Integration with HRV4Training

21 December 2017

HRV4Training is used to measure your Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability reliably, without requiring any sensors. It is an app that can be downloaded and used to detect changes in blood volume during a cardiac cycle, by illuminating the skin and measuring changes in light absorption using the camera on your phone. As many HRV4Training users…

Analysing a workout ride file

17 October 2017

When analysing a ride file it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the numbers, graphs or metrics and struggle to learn any actionable information from it. This article aims to empower you to analyse your ride files in a systematic and quick way that allows you to harness the power of your training data. The…

Visualise your performance: turning data to information

10 October 2017

“I believe the next real advantage will come not from which team can acquire the most data, but from which team can best put the insights gained from that data into practice – day to day, week after week. This partnership with Today’s Plan will give Team Sky that advantage.”  – Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Principal…

Invitation to beta test single page activity

28 September 2017

We have just launched new beta functionality within the site that is the first step into an overhaul of how you’re able to view your activity data. This functionality is being constantly updated and we’re inviting you to take advantage of it now and provide us with any feedback. Below is a quick overview of…

System update – September 2017

7 September 2017

The team here at Today’s Plan are very excited about this update with some fantastic new dashboard tools to help you gather actionable information from your ride data. See below for a snippet of what’s now available and stay tuned for a master class video on how you can get the most out of them!…

System update – August 2017

10 August 2017

In our latest update we’ve got a few new features you’re sure to love! Zones overlay in the ride graph View your power and heart rate channels with greater context by filling those lines with their respective zone ranges. You can toggle these on/off via the ‘cog’ symbol towards the top left of the ride graph.…

Bauke Mollema’s Stage 15 Tour de France victory

18 July 2017

“What does it take to win a stage of the Tour de France in a breakaway? After racing 14 intense stages covering almost 2,500 kilometres, read the inside story & insights on Bauke’s fabulous stage 15 victory, as described by Trek-Segafredo’s Head of Performance, Josu Larrazabal. With thanks to Josu & Bauke for sharing this…

Follow your Today’s Plan workouts on Zwift!

8 June 2017

Update 6 July 2017 You can now sync your workouts directly with Zwift on your iPhone/iPad. Check your app has been updated to v1.0.18779 and get riding! Virtual training has certainly developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, with the success of Zwift a testament to this. Many argue that virtual training has turned a once…

Train Like Trek-Segafredo

3 June 2017

World Tour Team Trek-Segafredo has combined with its training and data analysis platform partner, Today’s Plan, to give riders of every ability the opportunity to train and track their progress using the same tools and methods as the team.