Simplify your approach to monitoring your training

28 June 2018

Training methods and practices have continued to evolve rapidly over the last decade, especially since the introduction of power meters and other sensors in a variety of sports. In sports such as cycling, XC skiing and running we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data you can collect from a single training…

A quick subjective rating overview for athletes and coaches – Jim Vance with Ben Kanute

21 June 2018

Watch Jim’s latest video on how he uses subjective ratings in the Today’s Plan calendar to better understand how Ben Kanute is feeling and handling the training stress, before even opening a power or pace file.

Standard deviation of run power samples by Jim Vance

13 June 2018

One of the common practices and beliefs in power data, is looking to have some insight beyond just average power. Some companies have tried to create an algorithm to normalise the power data, and even Today’s Plan has what is called “Adjusted Power”.

Uploading data and importing historical data made easy!

7 June 2018

Whether you are looking to import your historic data, or just the best way to upload your data, it is now very easy and often a lot faster than many people think. Outlined below is the best way of uploading your activities as well as the process of importing historical data. Having accurate and correct…

System update – June 2018

7 June 2018

Please see below the release notes for our latest update. For All Users Drag-and-drop function for re-ordering intervals in the workout builder. This allows you to click and drag an interval from one location to another without having to click the up/down arrows consistently. Clone intervals in the workout builder. If you’ve created an interval…

Introducing running power analytics and dashboard by Jim Vance

31 May 2018

If you use or have considered using run power technology to take the next step in your training, Today’s Plan has supplanted itself as the most comprehensive platform for tracking, predicting and analysing run power data on the planet!

Check your progress in 5 minutes

23 May 2018

The Today’s Plan dashboards form the basis of your overall analysis and assessment of how you are progressing with your chosen sport/s. There are options to suit those that are after a simple, clear, and concise view of their data right through to those wanting further in-depth detail and multiple configuration options. In this particular…

Today’s Plan Partners with Olympian and World Champion Triathlete Ben Kanute

17 May 2018

Canberra, Australia – 17 May 2018 Today’s Plan is excited to announce an official partnership with Olympian and World Champion triathlete Ben Kanute. Kanute is a 2016 Rio Olympian, Mixed Team Relay World Champion, Island House Invitational Triathlon Champion and earned a silver medal at the 70.3 World Championships in 2017. “Today’s Plan is thrilled…

New functionality in the Activity Graph

16 May 2018

The Activity Graph is one of the most powerful analysis tools on the platform and we now allow you to set it up as you like. You can eliminate any unnecessary data by using the configuration options. You can set these configurations up once and then this will apply to every file you open in…

Load tracking: How objective and subjective data can provide better insights

9 May 2018

Just how far can you push yourself before you fatigue and your training becomes ineffective and detrimental? This is a very broad question, and often hard to determine the exact answer but with our recent update we have delivered you multiple tools to track your training load, both subjectively and objectively, with the aim of…