System update – September 2018

18 September 2018

As a part of our commitment to deliver a better experience for all our users, we have updated the platform to include more powerful athlete management tools as well as general speed and usability updates. Please take the time to have a read through these below. Smart Alerts This new feature allows coaches to control…

Ben Kanute Training Camp 2018 // Episode 3

13 September 2018

Welcome to Episode 3 of Ben Kanute’s 70.3 World’s training camp. Following the hard Mt Soledad ride, Ben and the crew go for an easy aerobic transition run, in the canyon, followed by a lot of unique plyometric work.

Ben Kanute Training Camp 2018 // Episode 2

10 September 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of Ben Kanute’s 70.3 World’s training camp. In this episode, Ben does a bike workout on Mt Soledad in La Jolla, San Diego, focused on a lot of threshold power work, in preparation for the 70.3 World Championships.

Ben Kanute Training Camp 2018 // Episode 1

4 September 2018

Ben Kanute invites us into the world of a professional triathlete. This series gives an insight into Ben’s training for 70.3 worlds and how he uses Today’s Plan to meet targets and stay focused. In Episode 1, Ben’s coach Jim Vance takes us through a tough swim workout at Coronado High School pool in San…

Review of Nick White’s win at the Zwift National Championships

29 August 2018

In the new rapidly growing world of Zwift virtual reality training and competition, Today’s Plan is proud to announce that one of our athletes, is the new Zwift Australia (virtual) Champion! Nicholas White of Oliver’s Real Food Racing conquered the testing Volcano Climb route in Watopia on Sunday morning, to claim the crown of Australian Champion. 20 year old…

Zwift Academy dashboards – A basic overview

23 August 2018

We received a lot of feedback from the 2017 Zwift Academy community that they wanted a way to compare their data to other riders in the Academy so they could see where they were sitting overall and also in their age category. Based on this feedback we have developed a set of dashboards for the…

Training Load monitoring for triathletes

17 August 2018

Training load monitoring for triathletes is somewhat of an art form with the difficult task of managing athlete fatigue across multiple sports while trying to ensure adequate load is applied to result in performance gains. In this blog we’re going to break down the different components of load tracking and how you can apply this…

Coaching Effectiveness Tools – Scheduled vs Completed plus Alerts for Intensity and Duration by Jim Vance

1 August 2018

If you coach long enough, you’re bound to come across a few athletes who no matter how much training you load into their calendar, they will always push and do more than is written. Some never seem to take an easy day, as though they only have one gear, ALL-OUT! Some athletes just don’t truly…

The load, balance and performance of athlete development

18 July 2018

One of the most common questions we receive at Today’s Plan is “am I on track to achieve my goal?”. Using your activity data to quickly and easily understand this allows an athlete to track their progress and ensure they’re heading in the right direction with their training. In this article we’re going to explore…

Overlaying and comparing workouts by Jim Vance

12 July 2018

One of the best features of Today’s Plan ‘activity summary’ window is that athletes and coaches can overlay two workouts or race files on the same screen, to better compare the differences between two sessions. This can be done visually in the graph, or more detailed within the chart posted below the graph, where specific…