Melbourne to Warnabool from two perspectives

21 October 2015

The Melbourne to Warrnambool has a special place in Australian cycling being Australia’s longest race at 279 km and the second longest race in the world second only to Milan-San Remo. This year marked the 100th anniversary of the race and if ever there was a time to win Australia’s most prestigious race this would […]

Oliver’s Real Food Racing – Tour of New Caledonia TTT

19 October 2015

Today’s Plan ambassadors and Australian National Road Series team, Oliver’s Real Food Racing are currently racing overseas in the Tour of New Caledonia. The team have been regulars at this tour for a number of years now bringing home some strong results in the past including multiple stage wins and last year winning the young rider […]

Mastering the Mongolia Bike Challenge

14 October 2015

Have you ever dreamt of doing a big stage race, but always thought it wouldn’t be within your capabilities because you’re just an average rider? In this article Matt Turner shares his experience in training for – and completing – the Mongolia Bike Challenge (MBC). This is a 7 stage, 900 kilometre MTB race in […]

136 km Stage 2 of the National Canberra Tour

20 September 2015

After looking at the files from the Prologue we are going to follow the same two riders and look at the demands of the 136 kilometre Stage 2 of the National Canberra Tour. Rider 1 is playing the role of domestique for the yellow jersey team, and rider 2 is an individual rider. On paper, […]

The tale of two riders: National Capital Tour prologue 2015

18 September 2015

In this short article we will look at how pacing can affect short time trial performance from the National Capital Tour prologue. We’ll look at one rider who finished inside the top 10 and another rider inside the top 40; 26 seconds behind. As you can see, rider 1 demonstrates a very controlled and applied […]

Matt Clark Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley analysis

15 September 2015

Matt Clark of Avanti Racing is a very versatile rider, as his peak watts/kg graph (below) shows. He can be found winning on hill top finishes, doing very solid individual time trials (ITT) and also smacking off the front in a criterium. In this analysis we will be using Today’s Plan analytical tools to illustrate […]

Convict 100 Elite vs Master Rider Comparison

18 August 2015

The Convict 100 MTB marathon is a classic Australian race, with the tenth edition having just been won by Today’s Plan ambassador, and Specialized Racing Australia team member Andy Blair, in a time of 3 hours and 54 minutes. In this article, we’ll use Today’s Plan analytics to compare Andy’s data with that of a […]

5-minutes with Jenni King

6 August 2015

Pedal Lab coaching delivers scientific training for cyclists of any level – beginner, intermediate or professional. Whether you are competing at International, National, State or Club level or simply want to improve your recreational performance, I can provide a personalised training program to fit in with your everyday life. Jenni King Pedal Lab Simplifying Communication […]

The periodisation of training: some new thoughts and some old ideas

22 June 2015

In this article I am going to go into a little bit of the history behind structured training. I will also examine the modern thinking which underpins our training system algorithms behind our generated plans that give you more bang for buck with less hours on the bike. Going right back in time to the early Tour riders one of the […]

Mark Wins Mountain Bike Coach of the Year

11 May 2015

The 2015 Subaru Australian Mountain Bike Championships were hosted within the township of Bright. The town is a 150-year-old gold rush town nestled against the backdrop of the Victorian High Country. MTBA held an Inaugural Awards function at the Subaru 2015 Australian MTB Australian Championships to recognise the phenomenal contributions made by the clubs, members, volunteers, […]