Fitness apps WHOOP and Today’s Plan integrate for athletes and coaches to unlock their potential through greater insights

2 March 2023

Endurance sport technology platform, Today’s Plan and the human performance company, WHOOP are excited to announce an integration between the two platforms. This partnership will offer new opportunities for athletes and coaches to unlock their potential through greater insights. Athletes can now sync their WHOOP data to Today’s Plan, including Recovery, sleep performance, and other […]

Melbourne to Warrnambool 2023

8 February 2023

Race report by Ben Hill. The second oldest and longest race in the world with a race distance of 269km this year. After a few years of relatively calm conditions there was a bit of buzz around the bunch with chatter of winds above 30km/h forecast that could potentially shape the race. We were, however, […]

How hard is the transition from track to road?

7 February 2023

Matthijs Büchli is a Dutch road and track cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Track Team BEAT Cycling. He became world champion in the keirin at the 2018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. In 2021 Matthijs decided to make the jump from Track Cycling to Road Cycling, here is his story. In this in depth […]

The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) continues long term partnership with Today’s Plan

17 January 2023

Following a successful two year partnership, Today’s Plan and the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) are thrilled to announce an extension of the current agreement which will see the team through to the 2024 Olympics and beyond. The partnership with Today’s Plan will give JCF access to world leading tools and analytics to help their athletes […]

Bec McConnell – Year in review

14 November 2022

The racing has finished for 2022 and it’s been the most special and unique year of my life. Rewarding my team, and all of our partners with three World Cup win’s is something that will forever be special. But what means even more to me, was the details and affection that continued all season long […]

Learning to fuel for triathlon with Fuelin

26 September 2022

Ben Hill might be a newcomer to triathlon but he’s no stranger to elite sport. Hill raced as a professional cyclist for 10+ years across Australia and Europe. During his time in the pro peloton, he went through phases of tracking and logging his daily nutritional intake off the bike. And when he was on […]

Tour de France – a week in photos – part 3

25 July 2022

With BORA – hansgrohe / SprintCycling Stage 13 and Stage 14 – French Alps Stage 15 and 16 – South of France Stage 17 and 18 – The Pyrenees Stage 19 and 20 – Southwestern France Stage 21 – Paris

Tour de France – a week in photos – part 2

15 July 2022

With BORA – hansgrohe / SprintCycling Stage 7 – North-Eastern France Stage 8 – Eastern France to Switzerland Stage 9 – Switzerland to France Stage 10, 11 and 12 – French Alps

Tour de France – a week in photos – part 1

8 July 2022

With BORA – hansgrohe / SprintCycling Stage 1, 2 and 3 – Denmark Stage 4 – Hauts-de-France région, northern France Stage 5 – Cobblestones Stage 6 – Belgium to France

Q&A with Brendan Johnston

27 May 2022

What motivates you to get up in the morning and train day after day? It’s a difficult question, I obviously love the process of training and that training produces results, but to explain the crazy early mornings? I think there must be a deep internal drive to continue being motivated enough to do it, something […]