New Feature: Time in Cadence zones

30 June 2020

Our latest site update includes a brand new feature for all premium users: Time in zones for cadence. This gives users a new tool for insight into their cadence data for ride activities. This breakdown is available on the activity summary for any ride activities, in the Time in zone tab. The chart splits up […]

Create your community in Today’s Plan

16 June 2020

If the global pandemic has shown us anything it’s the importance of staying connected. In Today’s Plan we have updated our friends access feature so you can create your very own community in Today’s Plan. This new feature allows you to share your training data with friends. Users can now grant friend access to another […]

Today’s Plan quick tips – Metric filtering in file search

4 June 2020

The file search tab can be very useful if you know about the ability to search/filter by defined metric values. This is available for a range of metrics, but in this example we will use filtering by peak powers. For example, you want to look back at your peak 20 minute powers but you don’t […]

Today’s Plan quick tips – Metric stacking in Daily time series

14 May 2020

The Daily time series on the Dashboard is a powerful chart which allows tracking of a huge range of metrics. An often underused feature is the ability to stack metrics on top of each other to see trends and relationships over time. Below is a Daily time series chart with CTL (training load), peak 5min […]

Today’s Plan quick tips – Peak power overlay on load chart

30 April 2020

A little known feature of the load chart (in Activity Summary view) is the ability to overlay the top 5 peak power/wkg/HR/pace for a given duration. Shown below, this load chart is showing the last 12 months with the peak 5min power overlaid. For more information on a range of Today’s Plan features, check out […]

Time for the Trainer

16 April 2020

Unfortunate circumstances have meant we are all spending much more time inside than we may like, fortunately this doesn’t have to impact your training. There are a variety of devices and third party platforms that will ingest and display your Today’s Plan workouts so you can follow them on your trainer at home. Direct push […]

Today’s Plan group workouts using Zwift Meetups!

9 April 2020

A popular feature for Today’s Plan users is the ability to sync scheduled workouts from their calendars directly to Zwift. You may also be aware Zwift has a feature enabling users to create “meetups” to ride in groups. Excitingly, there is now a way to combine those features so users can complete the same structured […]

Major app update

30 March 2020

A recent update to the Today’s Plan mobile app is now available on iOS and Android. This update includes a range of changes to improve the look, feel and performance of the app. In this blog post we outline the main improvements and show you where the new functionality is located. The key improvements are: […]

Time saving tips for building your workout library

12 March 2020

The Today’s Plan workout builder and library has a range of features which can make the process of building and maintaining your workout library more efficient. In this article we will cover these features and show examples of how they can be used. The main features are: Progressive overload Clone workouts Copy intervals Progressive overload […]

Today’s Plan and C3 Cyclists | Country to Coast Tour 2019 for Humpty Dumpty Foundation

4 March 2020

Last year Today’s Plan partnered with C3 Cyclists during their Country to Coast Tour which helped raise much needed funds for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. About the event: C3 Cyclists rode 740km (7815m elevation) from Tamworth to Newcastle, through the beautiful Hunter Region and raised $47,809 for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. The 2019 tour started […]