Today’s Plan company packages allow coaching groups to have greater control over features that are available on athletes accounts. A “package” is a set of features that are turned on or off, as shown in the screenshot below.


In this article we will outline the package settings that are available, and give some examples of use cases of the packages. The packages need to be enabled in the back end by one of our developers, and please contact to discuss how you would like to use the package settings and we can enable them in your coaching company.

How are packages applied?

Packages are saved under your coaching company. You can choose a number of different package options, each having different features toggled on/off. You can also choose the “default” package which can be applied to new athletes automatically when they join your coaching company.

Athletes can be moved between different packages in your account by going to the Athletes tab > Package > change the package assigned to an athlete in the package column. If you wish to keep an athlete on regular Today’s Plan settings, leave their package option blank.


What are the package options?

Below is a list of the package options available, and when we set up the packages for you we will ask for a list of the package options that you wish to turn on or off.

Package table

Packages in use

It’s up to you what combination of features you’d like to use to get the best outcome for your business. Below are examples of the packages in use to customise the athlete experience

Exposing plan library to athletes


This enables the “Allow plans” and disables the “Show public plans” options. This allows you to expose your plan library to athletes on the web calendar, and in the mobile app. Athletes will not see any Today’s Plan default training plans.

Upsell your service by restricting features


This allows you to restrict features for athletes on a cheaper payment level, encouraging them to join a more expensive level which can include more Today’s Plan features. As shown above, using the “No app” option, you can restrict access to the app for athletes on your cheaper level, and include app use as part of your more expensive level.

Simplified platform for overwhelmed users


If you have athletes who tend to be overwhelmed by data, you can restrict access to various features to simplify the platform. In the above example, there is no Seasonal Planner Chart at the bottom of the calendar and there is no Workout Library. You can also block features from the activity analysis like time in zones, peaks, analysis graph, etc.

>These are just examples of what is possible with the packages. If you have other ideas of how you would like to use the packages for your business, please get in contact with our support team at to discuss how it could work and to get the packages enabled on your account.