Data visualisation

Data in

Simply upload your activity files into the system and we’ll do the rest! Our range of tools will check the integrity of your files, automatically prune erroneous data and notify you of your achievements.

Smart Alerts to manage your devices. When using compatible sensors the system will notify you about any available firmware upgrades, battery replacements and zero offset or calibration requirements and more to ensure your data is accurate and reliable.

Performance out

Easily see your performance gains through our suite of analytics. Your workout data is presented in a meaningful, easy to understand way for you or your coach via our configurable Dashboard. Here you can use the graphs that our system automatically preconfigured for you, or you can tailor the graphs to show over 100 different metrics!

Six analytics you won’t see elsewhere

Multi-rider analysis

Di2 electronic shifting analysis

Power meter dashboard

Smart alerts

Subjective metrics tracking (rider fatigue)