Our recent overhaul of the plan builder is part of our on-going work to develop more tools for coaches to plan and deliver training to athletes on a larger scale in their own controlled environment.

A common question in the feedback we received about the new plan builder was how coaches could sell or distribute the plans they created. In this blog post we outline three ways you can deliver training plans to your athletes.

Manually adding plan to athletes calendar

This is the simplest way to deliver a plan to an athlete, and one you will be most familiar with. Simply send an access request to your desired athletes email address (if they don’t have a Today’s Plan account, this will ask them to sign up). Once accepted, simply drag the plan into their calendar from the Plan Library.

There are some additional benefits to using this method where you first gain coach access to the athletes account. This includes the ability to easily deliver a new plan down the track, assist in troubleshooting or support and an easier transition process if the athlete moves over to 1:1 coaching. This also allows you to add the athlete to your coaching license if you wish to cover the cost of their Today’s Plan premium account.

Sell plans on your website and deliver with the direct plan link

Coaches can now copy a direct link to a training plan and distribute that to athletes. When an athlete opens this link, it will ask them to login or sign up to Today’s Plan and then land them on the Plan Preview modal. This shows the athlete an overview of the plan and contains a button to add the plan to their calendar. If the athlete opens the link on a mobile device, this will open the plan preview screen inside the Today’s Plan app.

Distributing plans

The link to the plan could be emailed to the athlete after payment on your external website, or the link could be embedded in a button behind a paywall on your website. Please note that plan can be viewed and added to the calendar if the Today’s Plan user is in free mode, but to see the structured interval targets for the workouts they need to purchase a Today’s Plan subscription.

Distributing plans

Expose a whole library of training plans to your athletes

Another method of delivering plans is to expose a whole plan library to your athletes. This is a method commonly used with a subscription model where an athlete is paying per month, and you want them to be able to choose any plan from the plan library. Below is what the athletes calendar looks like with this set up; see the Plan Library that is exposed for the athletes on the right hand side. The athlete can drag in any plan from that library into their calendar.

Distributing plans

The above examples are some of the options available and we do encourage you to get in touch with us as some of the examples do require custom settings to be enabled by us. It is also worthwhile noting that everything you see in Today’s Plan is accessible via public facing API, and again we encourage you to contact us if you want further information on this.

Feel free to contact our support team at support@todaysplan.com.au for more information.