• API integration
    • Why would I want to utilize the Today’s Plan API’s with my business?

      This represents an opportunity to automate a lot of processes within your organisation such as onboarding of athletes and accepting payments. You may also wish to look at offering new products for your business such as community coaching or even building out your own application leveraging our file processing and other core functionalities.

      It is recommended that you enquire with us to learn more before beginning to utilise our API’s. You can contact our support team and also sign up to our self service portal to review all of our documentation; https://portal.zone5cloud.com/en/sign-up

  • General topics
    • How is TScore calculated? Is it different from TrainingPeaks/Garmin?

      Our TScore algorithm is similar to that of TSS, but there are some differences. It’s unlikely they will ever match up exactly.

      Although the TScore algorithm uses the well published algorithm of (secs * adjusted power * if) / (threshold power * 3600) / 100 – the devil is in the details of how to accumulate values.

      To calculate adjusted power, you need to take 30s windows of power values. You then calculate an adjusted average for each 30s window. But what happens when there are missing values in that window?

      For example, a power meter has not logged a value, a head unit has not accumulated a value, effect of pause, effect of coasting, some head units only log values every 2s (or more), power meters can stop logging for small periods of time etc.

      We have our own algorithm for how we accumulate values within each 30s window – and this will be different to Garmin, TrainingPeaks, Strava etc.

      A common cause for a difference is if the rider has a Garmin head unit and it is configured to not include 0’s in the power calculations, or if the Garmin head unit was in Smart Recording mode. In this case the TSS value recorded within the Garmin .FIT file will be significantly higher than the TScore calculation. In some cases, other systems will use the Garmin FIT summary records without recalculating.

    • Why hasn't my completed activity associated with the correct scheduled workout?

      Your complete workouts will associate with the scheduled workout that matches closest with the start time.

      If your activities have not matched the way it was intended you can refer to our blog: Understanding workout compliance.

    • Why is my completed TScore different from the scheduled TScore?

      The TScore is calculated by using duration and also intensity. The workout prescribed has a zone of intensity to complete. The estimated TScore is calculated using the middle value of this zone. You may have performed your workout within the zone but if this is different for the middle value it will affect the final TScore. Even if the average is the same, any fluctuations above or below this middle value will impact your adjusted poser and therefore change your TScore

  • File editing
    • I have a “file integrity alert”, what does this mean?

      This notification means that one or more data points may have breached your acceptable range for metrics such as Power, Cadence, Heart Rate.

      You may review the file to see where this outlying data point was, or choose to accept that the values have been discard because you have already set your acceptable ranges which can be found and adjusted by clicking your name > click Account > click Thresholds/Zones > choose sport > scroll to sport settings (eg Power settings if in Ride) > choose your preferred option in Data Integrity and preferred value.

    • Why aren't my peaks/my athlete’s peaks correct?

      The simplest way to adjust this is using the peaks power, pace or heart rate table. If you select the incorrect value from the peaks table it will take you to the file that the peak was achieved and highlight the peak within that file. From here you can use the file editing tools to simply delete that value or you can scale or replace the value.

      Please see our Masterclass: File Editing for more detail.

    • Why won't my file upload?

      Occasionally there will be an error or your file could be corrupt and it will not upload to your calendar. You can send the file to the support team so they can fix it and upload it for you.

      You can also try file repair tools such as https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/top if you wish to try fixing it yourself.

  • Uploading data
    • How do I upload my historical data?

      See our detailed instructions on uploading your data from a range of sources. Please note that you must do each step in the exact order in the instructions for correct and complete uploading.

      Please see our blog for more information: Uploading your historical data.

    • I have duplicates of my data - how can I mass delete and start again?

      Click your name in the top right > Files > Click the hamburger icon in the top right and change items per page to 100 > tick the box in the top left to select all files on the page > down the bottom of the page select delete > delete all scheduled and complete activity data.

  • Events
    • How do I build a plan for an event?

      If you would like to use the Today’s Plan plan builder to build a plan for a specific event, please send us the URL for the event and let us know the start date, event type (road, MTB…), event location and distance of the event.

      *Please note, you can only build a plan for 1 event at a time.

      If you have multiple events in the same period, you can manually add events into your calendar. Any event in your calendar will be considered when you build a plan through the Today’s Plan plan builder. To manually add an event, hover over the day of the event in the calendar and select the plus symbol, from the drop down menu you can then select ‘Add event’ and fill in the event details. 

  • Training Plans
  • Athlete support
    • How do I see my metrics on the calendar?

      Your load metrics and other metrics you have on your calendar are controlled through the calendar preferences.

      Your calendar resets to the default settings if the account goes into free mode.

      Watch our Calendar Preferences Masterclass for more information.

    • What kind of support do you offer to self-coached athletes and those using Today's Plan training plans?

      Any users may contact the support team if they need help navigating Today’s Plan, but please note that we do not offer 1-to-1 coaching style advice on our Today’s Plan training plans.

    • Where is the best place to track my Wellness data?

      Through your calendar preferences, you can track your subjective wellness ratings on a daily basis. Please note, the star that appears each day will display the colour of the lowest recorded rating.

      The dashboard is another location to track your wellness ratings over time. Using the Daily Time Series (DTS) widget, you can track your wellness trends on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time period.

      Once you have selected a DTS, hover over the top right of the widget and select the column icon, then select ‘Choose fields’ and under ‘Search for fields’ select ‘Wellness’, then choose the metric(s) you would like to track.

    • Why are my activities are uploading in the wrong time zone?

      The timezone in your account will update to match the timezone from the  last file uploaded to your account. If you have traveled to a different timezone and uploaded a file, the next time you have a workout scheduled it will be set at this new time zone. You can manually update this by selecting the location in the top right of your screen, just under the Today’s Plan logo (or your coaching companies logo).

      Note: Some virtual platforms will send a file with a GPS location and our system could pick this up and change your timezone to match this.

    • Why are my targets incorrect?

      There are a number of reasons your training targets may not be correct, please check that the zones you have in your account settings match the zones you have associated with your workout(s).

      As a coach, the zones you have set in your personal account settings, will associate with a workout when you build it. Please note, even if you create custom company zones, they will not automatically be applied to your personal settings.

      If you are sending the workouts to a device or 3rd party platform, please check that the threshold set there matches the one in your Today’s Plan account. 

  • Coaching support
    • How can I hide upcoming workouts from my athletes?

      Click your name in the top right > Coaching settings > Hide upcoming workouts. The number you enter will be the number of days in advance your athletes will be able to view the workouts you have set.

      There are two options when hiding upcoming workouts. To completely hide the workout from the athlete you need to place a negative (-) symbol in front of the number, for example -14. There is also the option to have the workout appear on the calendar  (grayed out), but not allow access to that workout. To do this you simply place the single value without the negative, for example 14. 

    • How do I connect with my athlete/s?

      Click your name in the top right > Access > Whose data can I already access? > add the email address of your athlete > Request. Once they accept this on their end you will be connected.

      Please note, if they do not have a Today’s Plan account they will get an email prompting them to sign up and once they have, they will be associated with you automatically.

    • How do I customise my threshold zones?

      As a coach you can have custom zones which you can apply to your athletes and associate coaches (if you have other coaches in the company). To do this, select your name in the top right > ‘Coaching settings’ > ‘Custom Zones’.

      Please note, these zones will not be associated with you directly, you will need to change yours manually in your account settings, and unless you are using our APIs to apply custom zones, you will need to apply these manually.

      You can do this by selecting ‘Athlete’ at the top of the page, then going to the ‘Threshold/Zones’ page, this has all of your athletes and you can easily access their settings from here. 

    • What kind of support do you offer to coaches?

      We offer new coaches a free online meeting/s where we can do a walk through of the platform, answer any questions, and set up everything you need to run a successful coaching business using Today’s Plan.

    • Where can I leave notes for an athlete?
      • You can leave a note about a workout within the workout itself by clicking “add comment”. The athlete will be able to see this when they open their workout, as well as in their Today’s Plan inbox (and their emails if they have this notification setting on, or you have selected it to be on).
      • You can leave a calendar note for your athlete by clicking on the + button on a day, then selecting “add calendar note”. The athlete will be able to see this when they open their calendar and see an icon in the bottom left of the day, as well as in their Today’s Plan inbox (and their emails if they have this notification setting on, or you have selected it to be on).
      • You can directly message your athletes via the inbox.
    • Why are my athletes workouts appearing in the wrong time zone?

      If you are applying workouts to multiple athletes the workouts will all be set for the same time zone.

      If your athletes are all in different time zones you will need to apply the workouts to each athlete separately. If you have a group of athletes all in the one time zone you can do all of those at the same time.

    • Why are my targets incorrect?

      There are a number of reasons your training targets may not be correct, please check that the zones you have in your account settings match the zones you have associated with your workout(s).

      As a coach, the zones you have set in your personal account settings, will associate with a workout when you build it. Please note, even if you create custom company zones, they will not automatically be applied to your personal settings.

      If you are sending the workouts to a device or 3rd party platform, please check that the threshold set there matches the one in your Today’s Plan account. 

    • Why can't I prescribe training to my athlete(s)?

      You need to make sure your selected athlete(s) have a premium account. Usually this only occurs when an athlete has fallen into free mode. They will have to subscribe themselves, or be put onto your coaching license.

    • Why can’t I add a workout to my athletes calendar?

      Your athlete is likely in free mode. Your athletes need to have a premium account to prescribe training to them. If you have multiple athletes selected in the athlete picker they will ALL need to be in premium, if not, you cannot add workouts to any of the selected athletes.

  • Masterclass videos
  • Connections
    • What if I want to connect to a third party that Today’s Plan doesn’t support?

      We are continually looking to add to our list of connected third party systems. Today’s Plan has an API that allows third party services to link in and set up these connections, but it requires development work from the third party. If you have a platform that you would like to link in which is not currently supported we suggest you contact their support team and let them know you would like to be able to sync with Today’s Plan. We are able to provide them the necessary documentation to get third party services linked into our API.

    • What third party connections are available to use with Today’s Plan?

      Incoming and Outgoing:

      • Garmin
      • Wahoo
      • Zwift
      • Lezyne
      • Golden Cheetah
      • FulGaz

      Incoming only:

      • Polar
      • Suunto
      • Apple Watch
      • Stryd
      • Pioneer
      • FORM Smart Swim Goggles
      • Magellan
      • SRM
      • The Sufferfest
      • Powertap
      • Bryton
      • TrainerRoad (via FitnessSyncer)
      • Coros (via FitnessSyncer)

      For further informations and detailed instructions see our 3rd party connections blog.

    • Why doesn’t my workout appear on my device?

      Not all devices and 3rd party platforms can take Today’s Plan workouts or workouts other than their own. Please refer to our connections blog to see the platforms that are supported. For a workout to push to compatible platforms, they need to be structured, meaning specific intervals need to have been created for that workout. 

      Please note, if you do not see your workout on your device please check the calendar of the platform you are pushing it to. For example, if you are using a Garmin device, check your Garmin Connect calendar. If the workout is on the calendar in that platform, then you will need to contact them as we do not have control of the workout once it has gone there.

      Check out our Garmin workout push blog here.

  • Services
    • Can I pay for my athletes to use Today's Plan?

      A coach can choose to pay for an athlete’s account under their own license. Any athlete a coach has access to will appear in the license page under ‘All athletes’, the coach can simply select the plus symbol next to the athletes name and this will add them to their license and they will be included in the next billing run.

      The coach is charged on a monthly basis (the start date is the day you set up the license) and on a pro rata basis, so the coach is only charged for the number of days an athlete is on that license during that month.

      As a coach there are discounts that will automatically be applied if you reach certain athlete numbers. Contact the support team for more information.

    • How much does it cost to be a coach on Today's Plan?

      If you are a coach of one or more athletes with a premium account then it is free for you.

    • What does it cost to use Today’s Plan?

      Check out our pricing page here: https://www.todaysplan.com.au/pricing/

    • What is the difference between the pricing options?

      “System Generated Training Plans + Tools and Analytics” gives users without a coach the ability to use our plans to train for a goal or event without the need for a coach.

      If you are a self-coached athlete or have a coach and just want premium access, then choose “Tools and Analytics”.

  • Account
    • How can I move workouts in the calendar?

      You can move a workout to any day by clicking the four-way arrow that pops up when you hover over a workout. Click the arrow and drag it to the desired day. If you double click on the arrow, you will then be prompted to “Move” or “Copy” the workout.

      Select Move if you want to change the date, or Copy if you want to duplicate the workout.

    • How do I change my email address?

      You will need to send an email to support@todaysplan.com.au with:

      • Your current account email address
      • The email address you would like to change it to
    • How do I pause/end my subscription?

      In your account, click your name > Services > turn off auto-renew.

      Your account will go into “free-mode” once your final billing cycle ends but your data will still upload and save. You won’t have access to most features but all of your data will be ready and waiting for you to analyze once again if you choose to resubscribe.

    • How to delete my account?

      In your account, click your name > Account > Delete account.

      You will lose all saved data that we will not be able to retrieve once you have taken this action.

    • Why am I receiving so many emails?

      You are able to customize your email and notification settings by clicking your name > Account > Preferences > toggle on or off the preferred emails that you would like to receive.

      Coached athletes may need to contact their coaches as they manage the alerts from their side.

    • Why did my account fall out of Premium?

      There are a number of reason why you account may have fallen out of premium:

      • Your subscription has lapsed and you don’t have auto renew on. You can go to the services tab and purchase a new subscription.
      • Your free trial period has ended so you will need to choose a subscription option.
      • You have not been put onto your coach’s license. Contact your coach or our support team to be put on your coach’s license.
      • Sometimes our billing cycles leave a very short gap for a few customers. If this has happened to you more than once, please contact our support team.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.