Communities by Today’s Plan

Today’s Plan offers an extensive suite of digital tools to allow coaches, clubs and federations to create their own community of members and athletes.

You can use as many or as few of the tools shown here to take your coaching & training organisation into a new era. By using technology to efficiently manage your repetitive tasks, we’re freeing you up so you can share your knowledge efficiently to large groups of members. These tools allow you to differentiate your coaching from the generic training that has emerged recently.

For a limited time only our coach bundle package is back to help you and your athletes get onboarded smoothly and efficiently.

Popular feature configurations

Product table
Pricing doesn’t change with optional configurations. Bulk license pricing is between $6-$12 USD / per active athlete.
* In addition to the commonly used API integrations shown above, anything you see in Today’s Plan can be accessed by the API. Learn more on our API integration.

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