On-boarding guide for athletes

Welcome to the Today’s Plan on-boarding guide for athletes. The following sections contain information on setting up your account on Today’s Plan, please start at the top as they are in priority order:

Click this link to access our on-boarding slide show to supplement the video above.

This article outlines the available options for doing a historical data import.


This article outlines the available connections we have to automatically sync your completed activities and/or sync your scheduled workouts to third party devices/platforms.


If you use a device to track your wellness data (weights, sleep, etc) we have connections available to some of those platforms. This article outlines how to get connected.

Mobile App

The Today’s Plan mobile app is a simple way to view your completed and upcoming training. Download it from the iOS App store or Google Play Store, and check out this blog post for an outline of features available.


If you require assistance, our support team is here to answer any questions, contact them at support@todaysplan.com.au