On-boarding guide for coaches

Welcome to the Today’s Plan on-boarding guide for coaches. The following sections contain information on setting up your coaching account and coaching company on Today’s Plan, please start at the top as they are in priority order:

Click this link to access our on-boarding slide show to supplement the video above.

By this point you should have your account setup, and you will likely be looking to build workouts to your workout library. This video explains, in detail, how to build a structured workout.

To enhance the look of the platform and make the experience for your athletes more professional, we suggest applying custom branding to your company. Instructions on how to do that are outlined below.

If you need assistance with this step, contact our support team at support@todaysplan.com.au


There are customisations you can make to maximise the speed and performance of the platform. We highly recommend all coaches read this article.

For all our videos you can look at the Today’s Plan YouTube channel here, but these 4 videos are our best rated by our coaches:

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If you require assistance our support team is here to answer any questions, contact them at support@todaysplan.com.au