Simon Lay

Simon rides bikes, lots of different bikes for lots of different reasons. A fixie commuter, a road bike on a Sunday morning cake ride, his single speed 29er for the zen of riding and perhaps a CX just because all the other bikes need a clean. But Simon’s real passion is riding mountain bikes far further than his over-weight, middle aged body really should manage.

Following surgery in 2012, Simon wanted something to focus on so that he had a reason to get back on a bike and ride again. A drunken bet then meant that he signed up to the TransAlp and 7 months of sobriety and hard training meant that he completed the TransAlp in 2013.

Never one to trouble the pro-riders on the podium, Simon sets out to prove that with the right training and dedication, the weekend warrior can (just about) complete some of the toughest bike races in the world.

Whether it is crossing the Alps, racing with a load of crazy CX guys let loose on Mountain Bikes at the BeMC in Belgium or joining the experience that is the BC Bike Race; Simon rides with a grin on his face, racing the person in front whether it is for second place or a hundred and twenty second place. Not quite an elite mountain bike racer, but very much an elite mountain bike race rider.

As an internationally respected fire safety design expert in tall and complex buildings, Simon’s work constantly gets in the way of his riding despite his best efforts to get on a bike when he is visiting the next mega-project.

Music (rave, rock, punk, electronica and a bit of country), family (so long suffering but so supportive) and good beer (often consumed atop a lonely peak mid-ride) keep Simon sane.

Follow Simon on his journey to riding the BC Bike Race 2015.